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During your examination, it may be necessary to dilate your pupils. Dilation results in light sensitivity and blurring of your near vision. These side effects typically last between 3 to 5 hours. To reduce light sensitivity following dilation, a pair of disposable sunglasses will be given to you if you do not bring your own.

A “refraction” is a test which determines a person’s need for eyeglasses. It is a service NOT covered by Medicare or most medical insurance plans.

If you have a medical diagnosis (such as cataract, dry eye, glaucoma, etc.), your exam is usually covered by your regular medical insurance. If you would like for us to check and update your eyeglasses prescription, then the refraction will be done. Our fee for this service is due at the time of your service. As a courtesy, we will bill your medical insurance. Should your plan pay us, we will reimburse you accordingly. The fee can vary depending on the reason and complexity of your prescription.

Contact lens patients require additional testing which is not included in a routine eye exam. This is to insure that your contact lenses are still fitting properly and providing you the highest quality of vision, health and comfort. Contact lens prescriptions expire yearly and renewals are not allowed after 1 year without an examination.


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