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The doctors at Atlanta Ophthalmology have collectively performed more than 20,000 cataract surgeries. Together, they have created a Cataract Center of Excellence. Drs. Reay Brown and David Palay are founding partners of Atlanta Ophthalmology and are former professors and faculty members of the Emory University Department of Ophthalmology. In 1999, they combined to form Atlanta Ophthalmology Associates. Their experience and surgical expertise have created requests for consultations from doctors across the country and they frequently receive requests from other eye surgeons to perform surgery on some of their most difficult cases. They are truly the doctors’ doctors.

The cataract surgery evaluation begins with an initial consultation. Each patient receives a complete ophthalmic exam including dilation. During this consultation, the need for cataract surgery is determined. There is a thorough discussion of the risks and benefits of any proposed surgery. One of the most important aspects of this initial consultation is to educate the patient concerning options for intraocular lenses (IOLs). New technology lenses can now customize the correction of astigmatism. This lens technology can correct most patients for distance vision, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for distance glasses. Patients with this type of correction often need reading glasses for near vision. Other patients may be candidates for presbyopia-correcting IOLs. These lenses have the potential to eliminate glasses altogether for both distance and near.

Atlanta Ophthalmology Associates offers state of the art laser technology, referred to as femtosecond, for use in cataract surgery. This innovation allows our surgeons to perform some of the most challenging steps in cataract surgery by using a laser. “Femto” is a blade-free advancement alternative to traditional cataract surgery. It offers more precise outcomes, as well as increasing the chances of freedom from glasses. Laser cataract surgery optimizes surgical accuracy and most importantly; patient safety, comfort and recovery. The use of a topical and/or local anesthetic means you can be in and out of the surgical center within hours.

If you decide to have surgery, a preoperative appointment is scheduled with your surgeon approximately 30 days prior to the procedure. During this exam, you and your surgeon will discuss options and reach a decision about which implant is the best option for you. The power of the IOL is calculated using multiple independent methods. This maximizes the accuracy of your implant power. Your surgery will be performed at the Peachtree Dunwoody Outpatient Surgery Center, just down the street from the AOA office. This surgery center is run by Northside Hospital and focuses specifically on eye surgery. The center is committed to AOA’s surgeons each day they operate, ensuring the best quality experience for their patients. The surgery center assumes the same philosophy as our doctors: the highest quality of care and the use of the finest equipment available.

Thank you for educating yourself about the best options for your vision and for considering Atlanta Ophthalmology Associates for your care. Our doctors want the best for your vision.

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