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"So many places rush you through procedures without explanation- not here. This staff is not only knowledgeable but teaches. I've uniformly experienced excellent care, attention, and graciousness here. Thanks for great care and quality staff." - Marsha L.
"My experience today was one of the most pleasant I have had for many years in any doctors office. There is a very nice and calming atmosphere here. Everyone was so pleasant and caring, it put me very much at ease. Thank you so much! You cannot imagine how very much I appreciate it. It's very unusual nowadays." - Alice H.
“I am very grateful to Dr. Perszyk and his staff. I would gladly recommend him to anyone.” - Roger D.
"Everybody was friendly and we didn't have a problem getting in and getting out. Just a nice day if you gotta go to the doctor!"- Scott I.
“The improvement in my eyesight has been life changing following separate surgeries on each of my eyes by Dr. Heather Weissman. Everything I look at is now clearer and brighter. Perhaps most importantly, my nighttime vision has been restored to a greater degree than I would have thought possible.” - Russell K.
"My visit was wonderful! I appreciate it very much! She is very nice. She did a thorough exam. She was very, very good. She is just wonderful!" - Janet E.
"You guys did excellent! You guys are great! The exam was done quickly. They found some issues for long term preventative care and they were very good about being responsive giving some options for addressing it quickly." - Andy A.
"Doing wonderful. I mean, Oh! I love your office actually. I've been coming there since 2005, I love your office! You seem to care. I've been in some offices like that -Ok, let's get you in and out in five minutes and y'all don't do that." - Roxie B.
"Well, everything was wonderful! Awesome! Perfect! I'll give it an A+! Everybody was real professional and to the point and very timely... It was just so smooth. When I got there, the reception was good and everybody acted very quickly, not in the sense of getting it done quickly, but they were prompt." - Craig S.
"I really like Dr. Palay. I give you a 10+! Nobody let me wait for hours and I really like it- I was treated very well and in a polite manner. I think the people who work there are very professional and I really enjoyed it. I like your business! I think you guys are doing a great job!" - Rosanne S.
"My feeback is [Dr. Weissman] is terrific! She's just so kind and patient; she listens, so professional. She's just what you want in a doctor! Just very professional, but very kind, very gentle, and explained everything she was doing... so, she has my vote of approval!" - Linda W.
"Fantastic! Dr. Palay's nurse, the lady who did the testing was great, the doctor was just wonderful! There was hardly any wait time and he told me [about] things I've been asking of the doctors for five years, so he's fantastic!" - Diane F.
"I enjoyed working with all the staff and I particularly liked Dr. Palay's teaching me about problems with my eyes. He took the time to use visual things to help explain it." - Charles C.
"Listen, I would've come back today if he invited me back! He's good looking, y'all were all sweet; I love the little girl that came in and took all my information down. She was so sweet! She even did my drops- just so precious! Made me feel at ease. It was just a wonderful visit. I'd give you a ten at least! A beautiful office, the setting and all. I didn't wait long for my appointment. I was in and out of there in good time. Thank you, good customer service darling!" - Gail P.
"Dr. Palay lived up to his reputation." - Nina B.
"Oh! You guys are great! Yeah, I really enjoyed it. I am going to get LASIK with you guys. I enjoy everyone who works there and you all made me feel very comfortable. I thought he was very professional. And I also like the amount of time that Dr. Palay took with me to answer my questions about the procedure. He made me feel very comfortable that he was doing the surgery and stuff and that he took the time to answer my questions. I am very excited!" - Erik M.
"Oh phenomenal! Everybody was very helpful, it was great! Each person that I saw was very helpful, very friendly, and they were very professional. They certainly knew what they were doing and Dr. Palay has a wonderful personality. I have lots of faith in him, what can I say?! I think it was all perfect and I'm one of these people that if I didn't, I would tell you!" - Barbara S.
"Fabulous as always! No waiting and everyone is friendly and caring!" - Virginia B.
"I was great! It was just great! I've never been as much surprised in my life, I don't think. My eyes were better than I thought they were. [Dr. Palay] told me my eyes are great and I'm so grateful for that really... I think you all are professionals in every way and it was a good experience for me. I am really happy with seeing him to be honest with you." - J.T. S.
"It was wonderful. [Dr. Weissman's] very professional and astute. It sounded to me that she is extremely competent- everybody was competent including the assistant." - Emily B.
"Oh, I've been coming to you all for I guess almost 13 to 14 years and I've just never had any problems! I think you keep working more efficiently, so for me it was an A++! My husband was with me yesterday and he saw Dr. Brown too, so you have two people with thumbs up!" - Judith H.
"You're doing great! No problems what so ever. You know what really makes it a good experience for me? It's that no matter what time my appointment is, you take me on time and I'm in and out of there in a timely manner. You walk into the office, it looks busy, and you think "Oh, I'm going to be here all day," but you're not because you're moving the patients really well. The office is nice and business like- I like that." - Marie C.
"You know what? You get an A+! It was perfect! You all took me back on time, everybody was courteous, the doctor took a lot of time with me and explained everything to me. I just felt like I was in good hands. I was happy!" - Shirley L.
"I traveled 500 miles from Louisville, KY for this visit with Dr. Brown today; it was more than worth it! I would have traveled thousands!" - Patricia W.
"Well, I would say A+ all the way around! You did a great job, the office; everyone was very pleasant, very welcoming. And then, Dr. Brown, what can I say?! He knows what he's doing and he's very calming, very reassuring. We were very pleased. My experience was very, very nice." - Jean C.
"This visit went really, really well. Everybody was very kind. It was a great experience. You got me in and out quickly. And you gave me information that two other doctors did not. I just really appreciate coming to your office and the whole experience of the visit, so thank you very much. Keep doing what you're doing. I mean, if everyone is treated that way, you guys are just awesome!" - John G.
“Dr. Perszyk, we were very pleased from the time we walked into the door and when my husband told me you’d treated him so well. That is really saying something because he comes from the school of hard knocks. Thank you for being so kind and professional.” - Mr. and Mrs. M
"The staff was wonderful. All of them were wonderful to us." - Virginia F.
"I was so impressed with my visit yesterday that I am sending my wife for an eye exam! In my past experience when I had eye exams, I haven't had a chance to ask questions or really get to talk to the assistant; it was very in and out; I really appreciated being able to ask questions. I've worn glasses since I was in 10th grade and I was very impressed with your practice" - Lorne C.
"Dr. Weissman and her staff are awesome! They're just so caring and so thorough with everything. They take time with you and work to make sure you understand everything that's going on- just very caring and very compassionate." - Charlotte T.
"I am extremely pleased with this [DMEK] Dr. Weissman has performed! She has been most gracious and professional. Six days later and the results are miraculous!" - Sara M.
“Dr. Weissman is the best ophtho (ophthalmologist) in the southeast! She is comprehensive, compassionate, thorough, and brilliant. I will only come here for the diligent eye. The practice is lucky to have her.” - Anonymous
“Dr. Perszyk, the nurses and front desk were pleasant and kind. Doc was warm and greeted with upbeat conversation. I’m sure he smiled but his mask hid it. My visit was a pleasant one.” - G.R.
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