Kelly R. Barrows, OD

Kelly R. Barrows, MD

Comprehensive Optometry, Glasses and Contact Lenses

About Dr. Kelly R. Barrows

Kelly R. Barrows is a board-certified optometrist. She has practiced in the Atlanta area since 1990 and specializes in primary eye care and contact lenses.

Dr. Barrows attended Ohio State University and graduated from North Carolina State University. She graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee and was president of the Political Action Committee while attending.

Kelly had two internships, one at Fort Bragg Eye Clinic in Fayetteville, N.C. and a second at Omni Eye Services in Atlanta. She spent her first thirteen practice years at Hunter Eyecare Group in Atlanta; then two years in an ophthalmology practice fitting contact lenses as a specialty. In 2005, Dr. Barrows started her own mobile eye care business to provide care for seniors in assisted living facilities.

Dr. Barrows' husband of 25 years is also an optometrist. Both Drs. Barrows have travelled to Costa Rica to provide free eye care and fit glasses for underprivileged families. They have two children, Christina and Drew. In her free time, Dr. Barrows enjoys spending time with her family, bicycling and traveling together.