Our goal is to not only help you see well with your contact lenses but to also make sure you are wearing the healthiest lenses for your eyes. We offer a variety of contact lenses depending on your visual needs. We fit both soft lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses, including those which are difficult to fit.

If you are a current contact lens wearer, we will evaluate not only how well you are seeing but also evaluate that your contact lenses are fitting properly and your cornea is healthy. Contact lenses, like prescription medications, are medical devices which need to be monitored on a regular basis. By federal and state law, contact lens prescriptions must be renewed annually. We will also ensure that you are taking proper care of your contact lenses so that you can enjoy wearing contacts for many years to come.

If you are interested in contact lenses for the first time, we will first see you for a complete eye examination to evaluate if you are candidate for contact lenses. At this visit, we will discuss contact lens options which best suit your lifestyle. You will then return on another day for a contact lens fitting appointment when you will be properly fit with contacts, be provided extensive training on how to insert and remove your contacts, as well as be instructed in proper lens care.

According to both Federal and Georgia Contact Lens Laws, a contact lens prescription is valid for 12 months after your last contact lens evaluation, so you must return on an annual basis for eye health evaluation.

Scleral contact lenses mask corneal irregularities on the surface of the eye which allows for improved vision by providing a smooth front surface. Dr. Kelly Barrows fits scleral contact lenses for patients with irregular corneas due to keratoconus, corneal degenerations, after corneal surgeries, as well as many other corneal conditions.

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The doctors at Atlanta Ophthalmology have collectively performed more than 20,000 cataract surgeries. Together, they have created a Cataract Center of Excellence.


    During cataract replacement, the most common surgical procedure in the US, the lens is removed and replaced with an artificial, intraocular lens or IOL.


    In order for a person to see clearly, the light coming into the eye must be focused on the retina. The main focusing elements in the eye are the cornea and the lens.


Laser refractive surgery for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

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