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Atlanta Ophthalmology Associates is committed to bringing the best medicine has to offer, to our patients. One way we provide this care is by participating in clinical trials. This gains access to devices, medications and therapies sooner than we otherwise may be able to take advantage of these medical advancements.

We partner with some of the nation's top pharmaceutical and device companies to gain more knowledge about diseases/conditions of the eye as well as potential treatment options for these conditions.

We strive to provide the best medical care and support to our study patients. We actively participate in well-designed, randomized, controlled clinical trials. Participation in these research trials brings new and innovative treatment therapies into clinical practice.

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Our belief in clinical investigation is so strong, that we go further than just participate in these clinical trials. Dr. Reay Brown, and his wife, Dr. Mary Lynch currently hold several United States Patents for their work with the design and implementation of glaucoma devices.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are a set of procedures in medical research and drug development that are conducted to allow safety and efficacy data to be collected for health interventions (e.g., drugs, diagnostics, devices, therapy protocols). These trials can take place only after satisfactory information has been gathered on the quality of the nonclinical safety, and health authority/ethics committee approval is granted in the country where the trial is taking place.

If you are interested in getting any additional information about our current clinical trials, please feel free to contact our Research Coordinator, Lisa Blow, by phone at 404.252.1194 ext. 152 or via email at lisab@aoaeye.com.

Current clinical trials

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U.S Patent Numbers

  • US 6,450,984 B1 – Shunt Device and Method for Treating Glaucoma – 09.17.02
  • US 6,524,275 B1 – Inflatable Device and Method for Treating Glaucoma – 02.25.03
  • US 6,783,544 B2 – Stent Device and Method for Treating Glaucoma – 08.31.04
  • US 6,939,298 B2 – Device and Method for Monitoring Aqueous Flow Within the Eye – 09.06.05
The doctors at Atlanta Ophthalmology have collectively performed more than 20,000 cataract surgeries. Together, they have created a Cataract Center of Excellence.


    During cataract replacement, the most common surgical procedure in the US, the lens is removed and replaced with an artificial, intraocular lens or IOL.


    In order for a person to see clearly, the light coming into the eye must be focused on the retina. The main focusing elements in the eye are the cornea and the lens.


Laser refractive surgery for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

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